Throughout my life, teaching has been one of my strong passions, and many aspects of it continue to fascinate me. Some of these aspects include the art of conveying a challenging concept to another human being, playing a role in the generation of knowledge, inspiring a passion for science, deepening my own understanding and simply enjoying a fulfilling social interaction. During 2020-2022, I worked as a University Teacher in the School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh, which coincided with COVID-19 pandemic. This challenging experience taught me how to adapt to unpredictable and fast-pace changes and to develop a new set of skills and knowledge that I could not have gained in normal circumstances. I am currently lecturing 1-2 course per year in my position as an assistant professor in applied mathematics. Please, find two teaching samples and the list of the courses I taught below.

Teaching samples

You can find two samples of me teaching online here:

Chain rule for functions of several variables

Object oriented programming in Python

Taught courses


Fluid Mechanics III (Durham University), course organiser and lecturer


Python Programming (University of Edinburgh), co-lecturer
SKills Module for Honours Differential Equations (University of Edinburgh), course organiser and lecturer
Numerical ODEs (University of Edinburgh), co-lecturer and tutor


High-Performance Computing for Mathematicians (University of Edinburgh), course designer and lecturer
Python Programming (University of Edinburgh), co-lecturer
Honours Differential Equations (University of Edinburgh), teaching team
Numerical Partial Differential Equations (University of Edinburgh), co-lecturer


Python Programming (University of Edinburgh), teaching team
Complex Variables (University of Edinburgh), tutor


Mathematics of Climate (University of Edinburgh), course lecturer


Numerical ODEs (University of Edinburgh), tutor

Participation in teaching workshops and training

IMA Induction Course for New Lecturers in the Mathematical Sciences 2022 at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge 14 – 15 September 2022